Quiz: What kind of person are you?

1. Would you rather...
Drink a 40 oz.
Book shopping at Urban Outfitters
Go to the library
Take some acid
Go on a hike

2. Which of these are your best known for, or if not applicable, sounds the most fun?
Moping around depressed
Quirky sense of style
Organization skills
Caring about the environment.
Shopping at Whole Foods.

3. Do you prefer daytime or nighttime?

4. Who are you happiest hanging out with?
My homies
My family
Likeminded free-spirits.
Old friends from college.

5. Pick the color scheme that sounds most appealing:
red, blue, and black.
Black, gray, and white.
Brown and Orange.
White, baby-blue, and silver.
Indigo and purple.
Beige, Khaki, and Tan.

6. What kind of pet do you or would you like to have?
A pitbull.
A tarantula.
A rhesus monkey.
A cat.
A goat.
A golden retriever.

7. Which of these do people complain about you the most?
You're a thief.
You're a loner.
You're too trendy.
You're OCD.
You're scatterbrained.
You're stuck up.